Digital Head-End Solutions


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We are your full service partner, providing you with the hardware necessary to communicate patient education and entertainment throughout your facility. These modular channel digital head-end systems are designed specifically to bring your facility the advantages of small-dish DSS programming. Included are all racks, receivers, antenna, modulators, splitters and combiners required to produce 25 db output.

Digital Head-end Systems Features and Benefits:

  • Each channel has an individual receiver and modulator.

  • Insert local content insertion

  • All components are rack-mounted at the factory and shipped ready to connect to SMATV system.

  • Frequency agile modulators allow easy changes to channel lineups.

  • Over 135 channels provide the perfect balance of news, entertainment and sports options.

  • Rack is open on the sides and back, reducing heat buildup and promoting long component life.

  • Average rack dimensions: 72" H x 19" L x 14" W

  • Head-end can be leased or purchased.





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