Directv Residential Experience


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The DIRECTV Residential Experience brings the at-home DIRECTV viewing experience to the hotel guest room.

  • Over 100 HD Channels from DIRECTV

  • Simplified, Anti-Microbial Remote

  • Interactive Programming Guide

  • Guest Messaging & Hotel Branded Guide

  • PMS Integration with Most Systems

  • Pro:Idiom TVs Not Required

  • 24/7 Customer Support

Guests have many options in terms of watching video content, from laptops and tablets to their smartphone and iPods and they are are simply not willing to spend money on pay TV in hotels like they did in years past. They expect the hotel to provide them with a great selection of channels from news (Fox, CNN,etc…) to sports (ESPN,FOX,etc....) to movies (HBO. Showtime) and expect it on High Definition Flat-screen TVs. With over 70% of all homes having High Definition TVs, the demand is not going to decrease. Arriving in your hotel room and seeing an old CRT TV with a fuzzy picture is a complete turn off. Guests want to have the same television experience they have at home and that means a HD flat screen TV in their hotel rooms.High Definition TV Programming. Many hotels, even upscale properties, are installing flat screen, HD TVs, but are still only providing their guests with the old standard definition programming with limited channels. Why? Because the cost of replacing their standard definition head end system and sky high costs for HD programming from their cable TV provider.





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